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Management of Dental Trauma in Pediatric Patients

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Management of Dental Trauma in Pediatric PatientsDental traumas result from broken teeth due to an accident, tooth loss, and tooth avulsion. Below are various management ways to deal with dental trauma in pediatric patients.

Identify the Level of the Trauma.

The first step is identifying how far and deep the dental injury causes the trauma—at the same time, analyzing is necessary to identify the areas injured within the gums, teeth, and tissues of the mouth. The identification process is critical as it helps to determine and select the best treatment option.

Control any Bleeding Present.

If the injury causing dental trauma has led to Bleeding, you can control the Bleeding to avoid hemorrhage and also bacteria attack. Applying pressure to the Bleeding area with warm, clean gauze helps to decrease the Bleeding. However, when the Bleeding persists, seek dental attention immediately to identify the underlining issue.

Preserve the Injured Tooth

In case the dental trauma leads to the tooth detaching from the tooth socket, take the tooth and rinse it with warm water and try to place it back into the socket. If the tooth doesn't attach, visit your dentist to assist you with filling in the empty socket to avoid bone loss and other infections.

Make a Dental Visit

Lastly, visit a pediatric dentist to assess the injury's extent and know if additional appropriate treatment is necessary. Also, the dental visit will help you understand how to go about the healing process for your child.

In summary, managing dental trauma is key as pediatric patients are very vulnerable to infections and attack by dental diseases quickly. More so, this avoids developing other dental problems that may be costly to manage. If you have a pediatric patient experiencing dental trauma and are seeking the best management approaches for the trauma, consult our pediatric dentist team for the best dental care.

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