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What Do Temporary Dentures Look Like?

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Fern Creek Dentistry
What Do Temporary Dentures Look Like?After a tooth or teeth extraction, you will probably not want to feel the ugly gaps left in your mouth. Just like many people, you wish you could fix the problem once and for all. While it's a good idea to replace your teeth, doing it on a permanent basis won't be possible right after teeth have been pulled out.

Right after extraction, your gums are still healing and later your jaw bones may experience some shifts and changes. It may take up to six months depending on your body's healing capability for your mouth to be fit for permanent teeth replacement. Meanwhile, this is where temporary dentures come in.

How Temporary Dentures Work

They are custom-made before tooth extraction. A dentist will mold your dentures from your bite and the shape of the teeth to be pulled out. The color of your teeth will also be useful in constructing your denture. The bottom of the dentures are made to look like the gums including color. Dentures work well and assist in chewing and talking, plus they also protect gum tissue during the recovery process. In the mouth, dentures will feel like your real teeth.

Disadvantages of Temporary Dentures

Despite them being of assistance to you health-wise and also in chewing, dentures still have some drawbacks, which may inconvenience your daily oral routines. Since they are made before the actual pulling out of teeth, they may not fit well on the underlying gum, causing irritation and soreness.

As time goes by dentures need realignment from the dentist, making a visit to your dental specialist a must after some time. They do slip in the mouth at times when eating and talking due to their removable nature.

We have a team that will assist you before tooth extraction. We provide quality dentures and aftercare tips. Feel free to visit us.

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