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Can you Repair Broken Dentures At Home?

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Can you Repair Broken Dentures At Home?Are your dentures getting weak due to stress caused when biting and chewing? Did they accidentally hit the sink or floor? Whatever the case, dentures can break anytime, and you may need to repair them. Failure to do this, the broken dentures can irritate your gums and hurt your jaws. This makes many people wonder whether they can repair their dentures at home. If you have a denture repair kit, you can do some quick fixes, but this should be a temporary solution. You should visit a professional soon to get a permanent solution and improve the functionality of the dentures.

What Are The Complications Of Wearing Damaged Dentures?

Dentures help to restore the smile and allow one to eat and speak normally. This said, damaged dentures can be a problem and can lead to oral issues. For instance, broken dentures may not fit well. When they slip and fall out, you may have issues with speech and eating. In addition, ill-fitting dentures can damage the adjacent teeth. When they slide around the mouth, they can harm your natural teeth and wear down the teeth' enamel. This eventually leads to chipped or cracked teeth, which are the leading causes of infections.

Damaged dentures can also lead to swollen gums. If the dentures have sharp edges, they can irritate the gums, causing inflammation. Sore gums are susceptible to bleeding, and you can experience infections when the gum tissues have injuries.

Why Should You Allow A Professional To Repair Your Dentures?

While you can fix small denture breaks at home, you may harm your oral health. If not careful, you can introduce harmful elements to your mouth. For instance, some glue contains chemicals that can harm your teeth and gums. Also, the chemicals can cause further damage to your false teeth. For this reason, you should contact an expert as soon as your dentures break.

Are you dealing with the embarrassment of wearing ill-fitting or damaged dentures? Contact us online or visit our office to ensure long-lasting and well-functioning dentures.
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