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How Do You Protect Your Teeth After a Root Canal?

Posted on 7/20/2019 by Fern Creek Dentistry
How Do You Protect Your Teeth After a Root Canal?When patients hear the words root canal many of them cringe. Root canals sound scary and have a bad reputation as a painful procedure. That was possibly true in the “good old days”, but modern dentistry is a long way from that.

Root canals are common procedures and we perform them to try to save as many of your natural teeth as possible. Your natural teeth are one of the strongest materials in your body and though crowns and implants work, they can't replace the benefits of your natural teeth.

A root canal takes out the damaged portion of the inner pulp from your tooth so your tooth can be saved from more damage. Once that procedure is performed a temporary crown is placed on your tooth to protect it and to facilitate talking and eating. After you have healed from the root canal a permanent crown is put in place.

After Your Root Canal

After we do your root canal your face will feel numb. Since this is the case, we suggest you avoid drinking or eating anything that is hot until the numbness wears away. Try to relax after the root canal, it isn't the time to do major grocery shopping or work 12-hour shifts.

You should avoid eating crunchy or sticky foods to avoid damage to the temporary crown. It is actually best to try to eat on the other side of your mouth so don't schedule your root canal for the day of the steak barbeque.

Continue to brush and floss, but in that area do both gentler than usual. If you can't floss because the gap is too tight call us to let us know. We need that information for the permanent crown.

If you have any problems, unexpected pain, or increased discomfort after your root canal please contact us.
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