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Clear Drinks Can Lead to Dental Stains, Too

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Clear Drinks Can Lead to Dental Stains, TooThere are some well-known, dark-colored culprits responsible for staining your teeth, such as coffee, black tea and red wine. However, it's not only dark beverages that can stain your pearly whites. In fact, there are some completely clear drinks that are just as likely to stain your teeth as darker ones, depending on their ingredients and/or what they're paired with.

When it comes to teeth stains, there are 3 main factors at work: chromogens, tannins, and acids.


Coffee, tea and red wine all contain chromogens, which are heavily pigmented compounds that readily stick to your tooth enamel. As if they didn't cause enough trouble on their own, their staining effects can be intensified when they interact with other stain-causing factors, including tannins and acids. The latter two are also found in clear drinks that you might not expect to be stain-promoting.


Tannins can be naturally occurring or synthetic. They are found naturally in most fruits, including red grapes used to make red wine. However, even white wine contains tannins. Other beverages on the lighter side of the spectrum that contain tannins are apple juice, apple cider and light beer (darker beer too). Tannins promote staining by causing any color compounds in a beverage, such as chromogens, to stick to your teeth.


Acidic drinks cause stains by softening and eroding your enamel. This creates rough patches that will easily stain from other foods and beverages. All carbonated drinks contain carbonic acid, including lemon-lime sodas, club soda, sparkling white wine and energy drinks. Although there is no pigment in these drinks to cause staining, the acid promotes staining with its corrosiveness.

Therefore, even clear drinks indirectly stain your teeth when combined with foods and drinks that contain pigments like chromogens. The best way to avoid staining your teeth is to be aware of their ingredients, specifically these 3 stain promoters.

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