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When Do You Need Dental Bone Grafting?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Fern Creek Dentistry
When Do You Need Dental Bone Grafting?Dental bone grafting is vital in fixing damaged jaw bones. In today's world, this procedure has a very high success rate. It is usually done in a dentist's office or a medical facility as an outpatient service. But how would you know it is time to consider dental bone grafting?

Bone Loss

Periodontal disease is one of the reasons you may need a dental bone graft. In some cases, severe gum diseases can lead to bone loss. Gum diseases occur due to bacteria in the plaque. This can make the gums tender and swollen, the first stage of gum disease. The condition can later advance to periodontitis, where bacteria can damage the tissues supporting the teeth, making them loose. In this case, you may need a dental bone graft to support the teeth.

Preparation for Dental Implant

A dental implant is a durable option for replacing a missing tooth. However, this procedure can only be successful if there is adequate bone. Insufficient bone tissue can lead to a weak base for the artificial tooth. Hence, supporting the implant during chewing and biting may be challenging. In this case, the dentist may recommend adding the volume and density of the jaw bone to make the dental implant successful.

Preserving the Surrounding Teeth Tissues

Tooth extraction is one of the reasons for losing bone density. Lack of tooth roots can cause the bone cells to be reabsorbed in the bloodstream, leading to loss of bone tissues. This can make your face look shorter than usual. Besides, losing the bone tissues can make it challenging to replace the missing teeth in the future. In this case, the dentist may perform a Bone graft to preserve the surrounding tissues. Our professionals will start by evaluating your oral health to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental bone grafting.
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