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Laser Dentistry
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A smiling woman after a laser dentistry procedure at Fern Creek Dentistry.The word laser can trigger thoughts of futuristic technology. While it might seem like something out a science fiction novel, lasers are becoming common in the dental office. A dental laser is an incredible tool that has completely changed how we can provide care as well as the quality of the care you receive. At Fern Creek Dentistry, we can perform many treatments much more efficiently and with much fewer discomfort thanks to laser dentistry.

A Revolutionary Tool for Dental Care

When it comes to dental technology, treating your mouth with a laser might seem like a far-fetched idea, but the use of this amazing tool is becoming more commonplace. Lasers use a thin, concentrated light beam to perform numerous dental procedures that have traditionally been done using drills or scalpels. They are significantly quieter, much less invasive, and greatly reduce tissue trauma. They can reduce bleeding, pain, swelling, and recovery times. All of these benefits greatly help to improve your experience undergoing necessary dental treatments.

Is There More Than One Type of Laser?

There are two types of dental lasers, soft tissue, and hard tissue. Soft tissue lasers treat your gums and other soft intraoral tissues. Hard tissue lasers are used on teeth and bone. In addition to these two types of lasers, there are also different mediums that are used to create the laser energy. These types of lasers include diode lasers, CO2 lasers, ND YAG lasers, and erbium lasers. Each type of laser delivers different wavelengths, which affects how soft and hard tissues will react to it. Diode lasers are typically the most common and are used for soft tissue applications and some periodontal treatments.

How are Lasers Used?

Lasers can do a lot. They can be used in place of a dental drill or scalpel in numerous applications. With a laser, small cavities can be prepared for dental fillings. Lasers can prepare tooth surfaces for bonding or veneers. They can be used to remove excess or inflamed tissue, disinfect periodontal pockets, and treat bone. They can also be used in some surgical applications, such as soft tissue biopsies. Using a laser, we can greatly reduce patient anxiety, making necessary treatments easier and more bearable.

What Can’t a Laser Do?

While a laser can do a lot, there are some things that they cannot do, meaning that more traditional methods are necessary. For instance, lasers cannot be used to treat teeth that already have restorations. They cannot remove amalgam fillings for replacement with composite ones, nor can they remove failing bridges or crowns. They cannot treat teeth affected by significant decay. They also cannot be used for treating interproximal cavities, or cavities that are between your teeth.

Are Lasers Safe?

Lasers have been used in dentistry for a couple of decades now. We are highly trained and experienced in performing procedures that use this state-of-the-art technology. We also make sure to follow safety protocol, which includes having you wear special glasses during your treatment to protect your eyes from the intensity of the laser light. If you have any concerns regarding the use of dental lasers, we will be more than happy to address them with you before your scheduled treatment.

For more information about laser dentistry, and to find out if a laser can be used for your necessary dental treatment, call Fern Creek Dentistry at (704) 380-9555 today.

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Thanks to laser dentistry we can perform many treatments much more efficiently and with much less discomfort. Contact us today and see how we can help you!
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