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Periodontal Care
Statesville, NC

There is a big focus on keeping your teeth clean and healthy. After all, healthy teeth are important for your oral health and the health of your whole body. While this is true, there is another part of your mouth that is equally as important, your gums. At Fern Creek Dentistry we can help you with your periodontal care, helping you to keep your mouth, and body, healthy.

What Do the Gums Do?

Believe it or not, your gums play several important roles in your mouth. One of these roles is in the aesthetics of your smile. When the tissue is healthy, it sits tightly around your teeth, forming a kind of barrier. It protects the roots of your teeth and your jawbone from what goes in your mouth, including food, liquids, and bacteria.

The Link Between Periodontal Health and Your General Health

There have been numerous studies conducted that show a link between your periodontal health and your general health. Those with periodontal disease are at a much higher risk of developing certain types of serious health conditions. When you have gum disease, there are more bacteria in your mouth. If you breathe in through your mouth, you could inhale the bacteria, bringing them into your lungs. Once in the lungs, you could be faced with significant respiratory issues. If bacteria get into your bloodstream, your risks for high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes all increase. There have also been links established between gum disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

How Do I Protect My Gums?

While gum disease can be quite devastating, it is preventable with good periodontal care. This care starts at home. You should be brushing and flossing your teeth every day. In doing so, you help to remove bacteria from your teeth and away from your gumline, preventing irritation and inflammation.

Along with your daily care at home, you should also maintain regular dental visits for cleanings and exams. Cleanings are essential for eliminating buildup to help you protect your teeth. Exams allow us to detect the early warning signs of gum disease. With an early diagnosis, the condition is much easier to treat.

What Should I Do if I Suspect a Problem?

The earliest symptoms of gum disease can be difficult to notice. You might be completely unaware that anything is wrong until the disease worsens. You may notice some signs that can point toward a problem, however. The early symptoms of gum disease include redness, swelling, and bleeding. When the disease worsens, your gums begin to recede, exposing more of the surface area of your teeth. This changes your smile and can cause tooth sensitivity. If you notice any of these symptoms, even if you believe that they are the result of something else, such as brushing too hard, it is important to schedule an appointment right away. With an oral examination, we will be able to diagnose gum disease and provide the treatment you need. Read about periodontal maintenance.

Your periodontal health is critical not just for the health of your mouth, but for the health of your whole body as well. To learn more, contact Fern Creek Dentistry at (704) 380-9555 today.

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Periodontal Care | Fern Creek Dentistry - Statesville, NC
At Fern Creek Dentistry we can help you with your periodontal care, helping you to keep your mouth, and body, healthy. Learn more here.
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