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Restorative Dentistry
Statesville, NC

Woman smiling in mirror after restorative dental treatment at Fern Creek Dentistry.Restorative dentistry, as the term suggests, refers to the practice of carrying out dental work on a patient to restore the former glory of their smile. Sometimes, our oral hygiene and the health of our teeth suffer due to a plethora of reasons, including poor care, infrequent visits to the dentists, and our unhealthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, dentistry has come a long way, and it is possible to salvage your teeth and attempt to put the glow back in your smile. Restorative dentistry is a dedicated branch that deals with crowns, dentures, and many other restorative procedures to make your smile pleasant and presentable again. At Fern Creek Dentistry, Prashant Patel, DDS has sufficient experience in restoring your smile. Once he is done with you, your smile will be as good as new.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are the ideal way to patch up minor damage to the teeth. With regular dentist visits, you can catch tooth decay before it goes too deep. The minor cavities are filled with either gold, amalgam, or ceramic filling, and your teeth can become healthy again. Since the fillings touch no nerves, this is also one of the least painful of all dental procedures.

CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

With CEREC technology, you only need one appointment for dental crowns. How is this possible? Advanced dental technology allows us to take digital impressions of your mouth. Rather than sending your impressions to an off-site lab, we can custom design your crown right on the computer. Thanks to precise impressions and exact dimensions, we can design a crown that will perfectly fit within your mouth. We can also perfectly match the shade of your enamel for the most natural appearance. The greatest advantage of a CEREC crown is that you only need one appointment.

Standard Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are covers, specifically made to fit your teeth to restore the shape, alignment, and aesthetic of your damaged or decayed tooth. These tooth caps come in a variety of materials too, but the most commonly used ones are the teeth-colored options because of how natural they appear. It’s almost as if you had the perfect smile to begin with!

Dental Bridges

A gap in your smile can make anybody self-conscious. It can also lead to several dental problems later in life. Luckily, the gap can be filled with dental bridges. A bridge is a fake tooth, put in the place of the missing tooth, and held together by the crowns on either side. Good bridges can not only restore the aesthetic of your smile but also your confidence and overall dental health.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an alternative to a bridge, serving the same purpose of replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants, however, are held in place by a screw being drilled down into the gum, instead of tampering with the surrounding teeth to keep it in place. The implants can be topped off by a crown for a more natural look.

Dentures - Complete or Partial

Dentures are used to replace a missing or damaged tooth, or even a range of different teeth. They are made of tooth-colored acrylic, giving them a very natural appearance. They are removable and are held in place by metal clasps. At Fern Creek Dentistry, we recommend you get customized dentures made to fit your teeth and give you the best possible smile.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays are the perfect solution for teeth where the decay is too large for a filling but too small for a crown. The major difference between an inlay and an onlay is that the inlay is placed within the bite surface of the tooth while the onlay extends beyond that.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a dental procedure that many patients try to avoid. It’s the last resort to saving a tooth from extraction but is necessary when the decay is so extreme that it has spread to the center of the tooth. The center of the tooth has various nerve endings, and cleaning out the infection hurts as a result. After the removal of the decayed material, the tooth is filled with gutta-percha and is topped off with a crown to complete the procedure.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, it is too late to save a tooth. If the infection and decay have gone too far and destroyed the tooth entirely, it becomes essential that the affected tooth is removed or else the infection will spread to the other teeth as well. There are two types of tooth extraction; simple and surgical. Our dentists determine which one would be better for you, depending on the extent of the damage to your teeth.

Consult a Dentist

Through regular dentist visits, you can make sure that infections and decays are caught quickly, so drastic measures such as extractions do not become necessary. If you suspect that your oral health might not be in the best shape, do consult with a dentist immediately to get a diagnosis and timely treatment.

Call us today at (704) 380-9555 to schedule an appointment with us, and let us guide you to the best of our abilities.

By far the best dentist in Statesville! My teeth are doing so much better since I started coming here! Extractions are cheap and reasonable if you don’t have insurance. Thank you Fern Creek Dentistry for making my teeth better!

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